New 2400W Alpha 2 diode laser with spot size 7.5 cm²(25*30mm)--5 times as fast!

New 2400W Alpha 2 diode laser with spot size 7cm²(25*30mm)--5 times as fast!

Laser hair removal devices vary in the spot size. The laser spot size affects a number of parameters but mostly it determines the speed of laser hair removal. The bigger the spot size, the quicker the laser epilation. That is mostly significant when it comes to laser hair removal of large areas. Those areas are the back, legs, abdomen, chest etc.
In the market many other suppliers' diode laser handle only with a 1.4cm² spot size. Our new Alpha 2 diode laser boasts a 7cm² handle — enabling depilation of large areas in 20% of the time. To put in other words it is nearly 5 times as fast.

This increase in speed (or decrease in hair removal duration) is a major benefit for you the patient as well as the laser clinic. Spending less time in the clinic frees you as a patient to your preferred activities, and for the clinic the benefit is mostly financial — being able to treat more patients per day. 


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